For additional information and free estimate, please contact:
Jim Burtnett Jr.
240-401-1911   /    e-mail :
Washington D.C. / Metropolitan Area

Basic Pricing
Burtnett Studios, Inc. prices are not as expensive as the image quality would indicate.
Standard price is based on photographing one property. If your Company has several Hotels in close proximity
and can be photographed in groups, special prices and travel expenses can be negoti

Day Rate: $1,900.00 Including Assistant, plus 6% Md Sales Tax and Travel Expense above 50 Miles.
Image yield for 1 day = up to 9 views
Basic File Conversions, color corrections, image enhancements and o
n line file delivery are included.

Travel Expenses are also included up to a 50 Mile Radius.
Travel expense estimated in advance of job.
360 Virtual Tours are available for a fee of $200.00 each
Additionally, Food and Rooms would be covered by hotel, when applicable.
If time permits and additional images can be created, in the alloted time, over and above
the initial 8 images, they may be purchased for a nominal fee of $95.00 each.